Ameda Platinum Vs Medela Symphony

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Choosing a breast pump to prepare for your little one’s arrival might not be as fun as buying sets of clothing, but it can change your life and will definitely support your breastfeeding journey. In 2021, the market is filled with all types of electric breast pumps and it makes it very challenging to choose the product that suits your needs the best. This is especially true when trying to figure out which pumps live up to their hype – as many claim to be better than they are!

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Today, we are going to look at the differences and similarities between Ameda Platinum Vs Medela Symphony. We have selected these two best breast pumps to compare to make things easier for you. A lot of moms prefer Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony breast pumps over other breast pumps because they are both top of the line products with hospital grade features.

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You can use both the Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony at home or at work because they’re reliable and efficient. But you only need to choose one option and that’s why we’ve created a detailed comparison guide. It will allow you to determine which breast pump will work the best for you. 

Medela Symphony vs Ameda Platinum

Both Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony are hospital grade pumps and each comes with a closed system. It means that these electric breast pumps offer a safe barrier between your breastmilk and the equipment.

They also come with a multi user design and you’ll see them being used very commonly in hospitals and other medical facilities. The pumps also allow you to customize your letdown routines, speed, and suction and the reliable and efficient technology ensures your comfort.

One of the biggest reasons why you should pick any of these breast pumps is their ease of use. The following comparison will allow you to choose from these two options based on your needs. So, let’s get into it.

Similarities between Medela Symphony and Ameda Platinum

Type of Pump

Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony are both hospital grade pumps that can help multiple users. They are specially designed for heavy-duty use and offer vacuum strength of up to 250 mmHg.

You also get a separate stand that you can use to wheel each pump around for easy mobility. One of the most important factors about these breast pumps is that you get a 3-year limited warranty to ensure long-term use.

The quiet operation and closed system of these pieces of equipment take the pumping experience to another level. Not only does it allow you to express milk without disturbing your baby, but it also makes these pumps suitable for any hospital or clinical setting. Better yet, you can use both electric pumps for double or single pumping.

Because they are both hospital grade pumps, you could hire or buy them second hand. With a new set of attachments (such as tubing and flanges) it will be as hygienic as buying a new one.

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Ameda Platinum Vs Medela Symphony: Differences

Suction Level and Speed

The Ameda Platinum electric breast pump allows you to adjust the suction and speed settings independently. It comes with a high suction level which means the pump motor allows you to express as much milk as possible in the least possible time.

It also doesn’t cause any pain and the variable suction strength of Ameda Platinum is between 30 and 250 mmHg. You can also use the pump to achieve the speed of 30 to 80 cycles per minute.

Likewise, the Medela Symphony also offers excellent suction power. It’s perfect for moms who want to increase or build up their milk supply. The suction level of this multi user electric pump with a closed system is 50 to 80 cycles per minute and it offers the speed of 40 to 120 cycles per minute.

In terms of suction level, the higher range of both pumps is the same but the lower range of Ameda Platinum is better. However, in terms of speed, you can achieve more cycles per minute with the Medela Symphony.

Massage Modes

The Medela Symphony features Medela’s initiation technology and 2 phase expression technology. This pump has been medically proven to assist you to build and maintain milk production,

The Medela Symphony comes with two programs. One which is designed to initiate breast milk and build your milk supply, and another to build and maintain supply.

Ameda Platinum doesn’t feature a specific program for encouraging letdown, but the controls are independent and completely customizable, giving you over 5000 unique setting combinations to help you find the precise setting that will help you to express efficiently.

Medela Symphony

Hospital Grade Pump Design

The Ameda Platinum breast pump comes with a more modern and stylish design that not only works well but also looks attractive. It comes with a 3 dedicated LCD screen that display the speed and suction level settings. You can also view the timer speed that features an auto function to turn off the pump motor after one hour.

On the other hand, the design of Medela Symphony is also innovative and it also offers an overflow protection feature. It also comes with an LCD display that shows the vacuum settings. However, the display is pretty simple and you can’t see multiple settings at the same time.

The Ameda Platinum breast pump gets more points because of its better design language and more useful LCD display.

Weight of Breast Pumps

The Ameda Platinum weighs 10 pounds which makes it heavier than the Medela Symphony that comes with 7 pounds of weight. So, if you’re looking for a more compact and easier-to-carry type of pump, then the Medela Symphony will suit you better.

Ameda Platinum

Attachment Kits

The attachment kit that Ameda Platinum offers can be used with multiple electric pumps offered by the company like “Ameda Purely” and “Ameda Elite”.

However, Medela Symphony comes with an exclusive kit that can’t be used with any other product that the company offers like “Medela Pump in Style” and “Medela Swing”. You’ll need to use additional conversion parts to use the attachment kit to other Medela electric pumps.

User Experience

The Ameda Platinum comes with a patented 2-phase expression technology that enables expression and letdown. You’ll need to use the adapter in order to connect the attachment kit to the pump’s face which is simple and easy.

On the other hand, Medela Symphony offers multiple suction level and cycle speed combinations for maximum expression and comfort. You’ll need to open the electric breast pump’s lid to connect the attachment kit.


Both of these electric breast pumps come with a high price tag. However, you can find online renting services to save money if you need any of these portable pumps for personal use for a short period of time. They can also be bought second-hand from eBay or craigslist. Just remember to buy new pump parts and thoroughly sterilize any second hand parts like tubing, flanges or breast shields.

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As you can see both Ameda Platinum Vs Medela Symphony are great breast pumps that can make breastfeeding a breeze. But which is better?

It’s a really tight competition between these two pumps. However, we think that the Medela Symphony is the better of these two pumps. It’s made by Medela, which is an internationally known brand and features everything you will need to increase and maintain breastmilk supply in any setting.

ameda platinum vs medela symphony

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