Best Auto Rocking Bassinet: Full Buying Guide and Reviews

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Everything feels essential while making a checklist for your newborn. A nursing chair, car seat, baby activity table, changing table, baby strollers, and the list goes on. You might need to buy all of these but choosing the best auto rocking bassinet is undoubtedly something that you must not skip!

Being a mom isn’t an easy job and it’s also a fact that you just can’t rock your little one all the time. That’s where the automatic rocking bassinet comes into place. It’s a great piece of equipment that helps you greatly to get your baby to sleep without having to manually perform the constant rocking motion.

Most parents love self rocking bassinets because of their convenience and safety. Not only do they soothe your baby but they also allow you to avoid sharing the bed with your little one which is very important from the health and safety perspective.

According to the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), it’s critical for parents to arrange a separate flat sleeping surface for their baby in order to decrease the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

There are plenty of self rocking bassinets available in the market and you only have to choose the best option for your baby. Here’s what you need to consider while making your decision.

How to Choose the Best Auto Rocking Bassinet?

Bassinets provide babies with a high degree of comfort. Here are some important features that you should consider before purchasing the best automatic rocking bassinet. It is beneficial to increase the comfort level of newborns as well as to help parents to help their little ones to sleep.


The size of the baby bassinet is the first thing you should consider. If you’re living in a small flat, then a bassinet with a massive size won’t be a good option. You can place a small size bassinet beside the bed to keep an eye on your little one throughout the night.

Better yet, it’s also easier to store a self rocking bassinet with compact size in small storage space as compared to the bigger one.

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Portability is one of the most critical features because it allows you to carry the bassinet with you while traveling to visit your family and friends. You can also opt for a folding one to place it easily in your car’s trunk.

If you move around a lot with your baby then you’ll also need to look for a self rocking bassinet that comes with a carrying handle on the top side. It’ll improve the potability by allowing you to lift the bassinet seamlessly.

Canopy and Cushioning

Different brands add different features to their self rocking bassinets. For example, some bassinets offer thick cushioning and also have an adjustable canopy that comes in handy in the daytime. Therefore, it’s important to choose the cushioning level and additional canopy option according to your needs.


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    Sound and Light

    Most modern self rocking bassinets come with different sound effects and a light projection unit. Babies love different sounds and melodies and a bassinet with sound and light features keeps them engaged. You can also find a rocking bassinet that comes with a remote control to adjust different functions including sound and light.

    Now that you understand why it’s important to buy an automatic rocking bassinet and what features to look for, let’s discuss some of the best options available in the market.

    The Top 5 Auto Rocking Bassinet Reviews

    Now that you understand why it’s important to buy an automatic rocking bassinet and what features to look for, let’s discuss some of the best options available in the market.

    1. Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

    Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Windmill, Baby Cradle with sway Motion, Light Projection, Overhead Mobile, Vibrations and Music

    Fisher Price is known as the most popular brand when it comes to self rocking bassinets. Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet is one of the company’s best products and it comes with a unique floating design. It means that it can move freely in any direction.

    It offers both music and a light projection unit that provides your baby with an enjoyable experience. You also get a storage space at the bassinet’s bottom where you can keep a few baby-related items. It’s also possible to detach the light projection unit to use it as a separate toy if you want.

    The Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet comes with an automatic rocking system. It can keep the bassinet rocking for up to 30 minutes. The overall build quality is also great and the frame is made of plastic-wrapped aluminum. Not only does it make the automatic rocking bassinet durable but also lightweight.

    You can use a soft white cloth to wipe the bassinet’s frame. It also offers a removable and machine washable mattress that’s covered with high-quality fabric.


    • Easy to assemble
    • Mesh sides
    • Additional storage space


    • Mattress is thin
    • Not easily portable

    2. Simmons Kids Elite Hands Free Auto Glide Bedside Bassinet

    Simmons Kids Elite Hands-Free Auto-Glide Bedside Bassinet – Portable Crib Features Silent, Smooth Gliding Motion That Soothes Baby, Basketweave

    Simmons Kids Elite Hands Free bassinet is one of the best baby products by Delta Children. It’s a perfect option if you’re looking for a self rocking bassinet for your newborn baby. It’s equipped with soft glow light and soothing sounds to keep the baby engaged.

    You’ll need to insert 4 AA batteries to run music and lighting functions. However, you can also use the low voltage adapter that comes with the package. The package also has a bassinet fitted sheet and a water-resistant mattress.

    Simmons Kids Elite Hands Free bassinet by Delta Children comes in white color with a retractable canopy. You can also keep your baby stuff in the storage basket located under the self rocking bassinet.

    The bassinet offers automatic gliding motion that can be activated with the push of a button located on the electronic pod. In order to ensure seamless portability, the company has also installed small wheels with locking mechanisms.


    • JPMA certified
    • Easy to move
    • Soft glow night light
    • Easy to assemble
    • Water-resistant mattress


    • Cloth side panels
    • Glider function may be spotty sometimes

    3. Serta iComfort Hands-Free Auto Glide Bedside Bassinet

    Serta iComfort Hands-Free Auto-Glide Bedside Bassinet – Portable Crib Features Silent, Smooth Gliding Motion That Soothes Baby, Cameron

    Serta offers self rocking bassinets with a modern and attractive design. Because of their colors and design language, you can use their bassinets for both baby girls and boys. Serta iComfort Hands-Free Auto Glide Bedside Bassinet is one of the best products that the company has to offer.

    First of all, it’s very easy to assemble and takes only about a few minutes. It comes with plush stars, soothing sounds, and night light to keep the baby engaged and relaxed. There is also storage space at the bottom that you can use to keep diapers, toys, and wipes.

    The automatic gliding motion is very useful for busy moms. It allows the bassinet to move continuously and smoothly. It comes with a water-resistant memory foam mattress that has multiple layers of comfy and firm foam and the fitted sheet is also removable.

    The bassinet also features small wheels to move around easily. The wheels also have a locking mechanism that allows you to keep the bassinet in place. You can also fold down the adjustable canopy easily.


    • JPMA certified
    • Removable fitted sheet
    • Water-resistant memory foam mattress
    • Night light


    • The mattress pad is super thin
    • Gliding motion has a short timer (15 minutes)

    4. Graco DuoGlider, Percy

    Graco DuoGlider, Percy

    Graco DuoGlider is a suitable and comfortable way to soothe your baby with peace of mind by keeping your hands free. It offers gentle gliding motion and comes with a plush toy to keep your baby engaged and happy.

    You can keep an eye on your baby while lying on the bed, thanks to the mesh side panels. It’s also possible to easily move or recline the seat comfortably with only a one-handed motion. It allows you to adjust the sitting position without disturbing your baby.

    Graco DuoGlider offers multiple sound options. The glider of the bassinet can play 5 different nature sounds and 10 different melodies. The swinging function offers 6 different gliding speeds and two speed vibration that keeps your baby relaxed all the time.

    The seat of this self rocking bassinet is made of soft and cozy material to ensure restful sleep. The mattress is also removable and you can use household detergent and water to wash it easily.


    • Can work on batteries
    • Can withstand 30 pounds of weight
    • Convertible option
    • 3-point harness


    • Hard to move
    • Not as durable as other available options

    5. WBPINE Baby Swing Bassinets

    WBPINE Baby Swing Bassinets is another great self rocking bassinet that offers three different swinging speeds. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a feature-rich bassinet with a smooth swinging motion.

    You also get a remote control device with the package to operate different functions from up to 5 meters of range. You can use it to control music and the swinging speed of the cradle. The auto timer also offers three different durations and you can select from 45, 30, and 15 minutes according to your preferences.

    The bassinet is also easy to fold which makes it suitable if you move around a lot and it also allows you to store it in low space. Additionally, it also features a plastic tray where you can store the feeding bottle.

    The non-slip mats at the bassinet’s bottom keep it stable and you can also use the seat belts to properly secure your baby in the basket.


    • Special summer pad for hot summer days
    • USB jack to power the bassinet
    • 12 types of calming music
    • Thicket steel pipes
    • Easy to fold


    • Not easy to assemble
    • Build quality is questionable


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