10 Of The Best Parenting Blogs for Tips and Advice

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I need something I always search Google before anything else, so I’m always on the lookout for a solid parenting blog that can provide helpful and supportive advice.

Today I’ve decided to share my favorite parenting blogs, which cover everything from nutrition and getting your kids to eat vegetables to helpful educational resources.

I hope you will love these blogs as much as I do because they are certainly some of the best parenting blogs of 2021.

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Family Focus Blog

Created by Nashville mom, Scarlet Paolicchi, Family Focus Blog shares tips for better family life, parenting and fun activities. She has a focus on an eco-friendly lifestyle as well as travel and décor ideas. Scarlet has even authored 3 books, so you know the content is going to be interesting and easy to read.

Aha! Parenting

Aha! Parenting is the site that every new parent needs. Using the principles of Peaceful Parenting, Dr Laura Markham advocates for a relationship-based parenting model. This style of parenting is very close to my heart and it’s got the foundation that every parent needs to create a cooperative relationship with their little ones. She covers everything from separation anxiety to sleep problems, so this is a blog well worth a visit.

Kiddy Charts

Kiddy Charts is a blog that I’ve just recently found, and it’s super helpful for keeping kids entertained! They have a range of free printables to support parenting goals, like potty training and eating and reward charts.

What the RedHead Said

What the Redhead Said is the personal blog of Donna Wishart, a mom of 2. Much like me, she is a huge advocate of cosleeping, baby led weaning and breastfeeding. On this blog you will find the stories of a mom who has been there and done that for just about any parenting related issue, plus lots of recipes and advice about traveling with little kids.

Kids Eat In Color

If you are having trouble getting your children to eat their vegetables or are just starting solids and don’t know what to feed your baby, this blog will be a lifesaver.  Kidseatincolor has loads of really helpful information about nutrition for kids. From healthy recipes through to how to talk to your kids about food, this blog has everything you need to make sure your kids are getting the nutrition they need. There is also a really helpful Facebook page which I highly recommend!

247 moms

At 247moms.com you will find everything from home organization to advice for parenting special needs kids. Trisha has a wonderful talent for writing the content that moms need and want. I absolutely love her posts about frugal ideas for new parents and her many giveaways.

JumpStart Nutrition

One of my favorite articles on jumpstart nutrition talks about why breast milk is the best choice for babies. Shares articles and recipes for ensuring that your baby gets the right nutrition in the early years. Jenny is a big advocate for breastfeeding, especially for allergy-prone babies, and this article spells out the options for when breastfeeding is not an option. Jumpstart Nutrition is a great place to look for easy and delicious recipes and feeding advie.


Have you ever wondered if the products you are using for your baby are safe? With all the talk nowadays of BPAs and PFAs, it can be hard to understand which items are toxic and which are not. That is where this fascinating blog comes in handy. Mamavation is written by consumer watchdog and activist Leah Segedie. She helps women to make safer consumer choices for their families by thoroughly investigating the claims made by each product’s manufacturer. The work on this blog has actually helped change the law and the way products are made. She recently wrote about PFAs in period underwear, which will have you rethinking what you are putting against your skin. You can read it here.

In The Playroom

Written and UK mums Anna and Luciana, In The Playroom is a parenting and lifestyle blog. Here you will find lifestyle, fashion, health and relationship topics and advice as well as child focused content. Anna and Luciana have 5 kids between them so they have oodles of helpful advice for any parent. As well as advice they have kids crafts, activities and sensory play ideas that are simple to follow and using items that are already in your home.

A Mom’s Take

There are so many helpful ideas and tips on A Mom’s Take that it’s hard to know where to start. Janel started this blog as a Pheonix Mom, and it’s grown to include a range of voices. Sharing simple ideas for families and parents to help simplify your life. From healthy recipes, to parenting and travel, this is a blog that is worth following.


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