Spectra Breast Pump Review: Spectra S2 Review

Mom using a spectra s2 breast pump

As a nursing mom, sometimes you can’t help but wonder if you’re producing enough milk to keep up with your baby.  Breast milk is loaded with nutrients for healthy development, immunity, and growth, and it’s a natural way for you to save thousands of dollars that you’d otherwise spend on baby formula. Unfortunately, frequent breastfeeding … Read more

Haakaa Breast Pump Review

Haakaa breast pump full review on pink background. Image of Haakaa breast pump packaging

Designed in Australia and made specifically to help moms, it’s one of the best breast pumps for breastfeeding mothers. Hakaa Breast Pump Review If you’re a breastfeeding mom, then you’ve probably quickly realized just how valuable breast milk is.  Not only is it loaded with nutrients to support the healthy growth of your baby, but … Read more

Best Breast Pump for Twins 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparison

mother with twins

Taking care of twins is quite different from dealing with a single baby. They are double the joy and naturally double the effort. But to be honest, the cheers far exceed anything else!  Nursing twins can be a much simpler process if you can express your milk to assist with their regular feedings. This would … Read more