Are Meal Replacement Shakes Safe While Breastfeeding?

Meal Replacement Shakes Safe While Breastfeeding

You’re a new mom who’s ready to shed those extra pounds you gained during pregnancy. Between the lack of sleep and the busy schedule that you’re on, you can’t always find the time to prepare healthy meals and snacks for yourself.  These factors cause many new mothers to ask, “Are meal replacement shakes safe during … Read more

Is it Smart to Take Magnesium While Breastfeeding?

Magnesium While Breastfeeding

New mothers have many questions, and understandably so! One of those questions is: can you consume magnesium while breastfeeding. The short answer is yes! In moderation, magnesium is good for you and your baby’s health. Your baby’s diet is dependent on the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients you consume. So, it’s highly important that you know … Read more

5 Useful Supplements to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Supplements to Increase Breast Milk Supply

If you’re stockpiling your breast milk for future use, you’re probably wondering how to increase your milk supply. Well, some natural herbs and supplements can help increase your supply as well as improve your milk flow in case you’re dealing with chronic plugged ducts or mastitis. Some of the most popular products that help increase … Read more

An Essential Guide to Drinking Coffee While Breastfeeding

Drinking Coffee While Breastfeeding

I love my coffee because it makes me feel more alert! It helps me get up in the morning, especially after becoming a full-time mother. Also, it helped me feel more awake when I hadn’t gotten much sleep because of my new baby. However, I’ve read somewhere that caffeine isn’t safe for breastfeeding, so I … Read more

The 10 Best Drinks For Breastfeeding Moms

best drinks for breastfeeding moms

It should come as no surprise that breastfeeding moms have an increased need for fluids. Breastfeeding is dehydrating and breastfeeding moms should try to drink plenty of fluids and eat foods rich in nutrients. But which are the best drinks for breastfeeding moms? One of my clearest memories from my first days of breastfeeding was … Read more

Simple & Quick Crockpot Meals For Breastfeeding Moms

crockpot meals for breastfeeding moms

After your baby arrives, you will probably find yourself trying to figure out what to cook for a breastfeeding mom. Whether you are trying to build a stash of freezer meals, or just get yourself something to eat while breastfeeding, I have put together a list of crockpot meals for breastfeeding moms. And guess what? … Read more

Lactogenic Foods to Increase Your Milk Supply

Bowl of oats

Breastfeeding your child is an amazing journey that both of you enjoy together. This journey can be interrupted by some obstacles, and one of them is having trouble breastfeeding your child because you have low milk supply. Lactogenic foods or galactogogues are known to naturally increase the milk supply. These types of food contain special … Read more