Chicco Next to Me Magic Review

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Chicco is a well-known company that offers the finest baby products to make nighttime easy for parents. You can find the best quality cribs and cosleeper bassinets from the company’s Next2Me range.

The Next to Me Magic side sleeping crib is one of the most popular products that Chicco has to offer. It offers a vast array of useful features and also adheres to the latest safety regulations of European CEN (Committee for Standardization).

If you’re interested in buying the Chicco Next2Me Magic crib, you’ve come to the right place. This Chicco Next to Me Magic Review review discusses everything you need to know about this feature-rich piece of equipment.

How Does Chicco Next to Me Magic Crib Make Your Life Easier?

Chicco Next2Me Magic crib helps your baby to sleep comfortably at night. It’s an advanced side sleeping crib that makes soothing your little one and late-night breastfeeding much easier.

Better yet, it’s large enough to serve your baby for at least the first six months and you won’t need to buy a bulky and expensive cot. The added feature of rocking and 4 different tilt options also come in handy to soothe babies who have cold or reflux.

The crib allows you to keep an eye on your baby, thanks to the mesh side panel and the 5 different adjustable height settings that allow it to fit all types of beds. You can lift the side panel with one hand whenever you want to use it as a co sleeping crib for easy access.

Chicco 2019 Next2Me Magic Cool Grey

Chicco Next2Me Magic crib comes with 4 swiveling wheels (lockable) to move it around easily. You also get a storage bag where you can keep your baby’s stuff like toys and a feeding bottle. All these features make Chicco Next2Me Magic crib a 3-in-1 package and you can use it as:

·        A stand alone crib.

·        A side sleeper by attaching it to your bed

·        A travel cot because of the added travel bag and 4 swiveling wheels

How Does Chicco Next2Me Magic Look and Feel?

Chicco Next2Me Magic is a modern-looking crib with a clean design and it comes in two different colors. Both white and cool grey colors are cleverly chosen to fit any décor. The build quality of the crib is also great and it can withstand 19.84 pounds or 9 kilograms of weight easily.

Your baby will have enough room to move around as the sleeping surface is generous and comfortable but it still doesn’t take too much space. The bed comes with a mesh mattress and two windows made of cotton and polyester.

Not only does it allow you to keep an eye on your little one but it also allows air to flow. Although the mattress is made firm to last, it still feels soft and comfortable enough for the delicate skin of your baby.

How to Set up Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib?

A booklet with all the important instructions comes with the package and the entire process of setting this crib up is quite simple. You won’t need the tools or assistance of any other person.

You’ll need to slot in the crib’s retractable feet and use the two given straps to attach it to your bed securely.

Tip: You might need to change the height settings depending upon your bed, before using the straps.

You can also use it as a stand alone crib by removing the straps. Don’t forget to slide up the side panel when it’s not attached to your bed to ensure safety.

The rocking motion that we discussed above can be activated by using the designated switches. However, this function can only be used while the crib is in a stand alone standing position.

Is Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib Safe?

Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib is sturdy, adjustable, and spacious that makes it safe as well. It feels perfectly secure while attached to your bed because of its extendable legs and strong straps. You’ll find no loose gaps and parts after fitting the mattress that comes with a breathable cover.

All the corners of the crib are properly covered and you won’t find any sharp edges that can harm your little one. The mesh windows also ensure good airflow and allow you to keep an eye on your baby even from the other corner of the room.

The rocking motion is smooth and quiet and its wheels allow you to move the entire crib easily and safely without disturbing the baby.

Tip: Make sure to slide up the side panel when the crib isn’t attached to your bed. Don’t forget to activate the locking mechanism as well while the crib is standing still

Chicco recommends not to use the crib if your mattress is higher than 66cm and lower than 51cm. You must also make sure that there are no gaps between your mattress and the crib’s rail.

Is Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib Easy to Clean?

You can easily remove the mattress and crib covers using the zips to clean them. However, you’ll need to use cold water to hand-wash them because washing them in a machine isn’t recommended.

Because of the neutral colors of the bed, the dribbles and snots tend to show up easily. Lastly, you can use a wet cloth to clean the crib’s structure.

Chicco Next2Me Magic Crib Pros and Cons


  • Much bigger than a standard crib or a Moses basket
  • 4 different tilt options are great for babies having cold or reflux
  • One handed sliding mechanism
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Comfortable to easily soothe the baby to sleep
  • 100 percent polyester mattress


  • The rocking motion doesn’t work in bedside sleeping mode
  • Feels heavy while using as a travel cot
  • Covers can’t be machine washed


Chicco Next2Me Magic is a very functional and spacious crib that will provide you with the necessary peace of mind that your baby is in a safe place. The one handed drop side and adjustable height ensure easy access and a better co sleeping experience.

You can move this crib easily, thanks to the lockable wheels and the mesh side panels that allow you to watch your baby. You can also rock your little one if some extra comfort is required. Chicco Next2Me Magic crib offers pretty much everything that parents need for their bundle of joy.


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