Hygeia Enjoye Vs Spectra S2 – Which One is the Best?

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If you’re considering buying a breast pump, you have likely wondered what are the differences between Hygeia Enjoye vs Spectra S2. These are two highly rated double electric breast pumps, both perfect for increasing low breast milk supply or building your freezer stash.

Hygeia Enjoye Vs Spectra S2

Naturally, you will want to get the best high-performing, super suctioning, ultra-quiet, hospital-grade breast pump available! There are so many to choose from, but as luck has it, we will be looking at the Hygeia Enjoye and the Spectra S2 to see which one is the right choice for you.

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Some moms may struggle to get their baby to latch but still want to be able to feed them their breast milk. Some just simply choose to express their milk rather than opt for a formula. Mothers who work also have a need to find a good pump to express their milk for storage or to prevent issues like mastitis, engorgement and leaking.

Whatever the reason why you need a pump may be, we are here to help! In this comparison of Hygeia Enjoye Vs Spectra S2, we will look at what the Enjoye and S2 have in common, as well as rating them based on battery life, accessories, weight, vacuum strength, modes and cost.

Spectra – S2 Plus Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding

What the Hygeia Enjoye and Spectra S2 have in Common

Before we can give our recommendations over which one we are more pumped over, it is important to understand what they have in common in order to compare what they don’t.

Hospital Grade

Spectra S2 and Hygeia Enjoye are both hospital grade breast pumps and are BPA-free. Being Hospital grade means they have higher suction levels, and are closed system pumps. This means that they will not allow any backflow of milk to enter passages designed to generate vacuum and suction.

This ensures that these pumps can have parts that are easily sterilized before you begin each session.

Double Electric

Both the Hygeia Enjoye and Spectra S2 are double electric pumps designed to be used at home.

Hygeia Enjoye Vs Spectra S2
Spectra S2 has a handy night light


Thanks to their unique modes for speed, massage, and intensity, you won’t be sitting for hours drawing out. This is a blessing, especially for new moms trying to increase their milk flow in the dead of night or while the baby is asleep!

The Spectra S2 has an expression mode, intended to mimic the initial sucking and breathing rhythms of a nursing baby. The body is tricked into thinking that your child needs milk, allowing you to express more milk for your tiny human, to store for later.

Along with the expression mode, the S2 has 12 levels of suction up to 270 mmHg. It also has speed adjustment that works separately to the suction adjustment, which means you can slow down or speed up the cycle speed to have a high suction with a slow cycle, or a low suction with a quicker cycle.

Where the S2 has an LED display to show which level of suction, speed and mode you are using, the Hygeia Enjoye has an analogue-style system with one knob each for speed and one for strength.

How Hygeia Enjoye and Spectra S2 Differ

In order for us to pick one out of the two breast pumps, we will be comparing the difference in size, sound, battery, cost, weight, and performance.

 Let’s break it down!

Battery Life

The huge benefit of the Hygeia Enjoye is that it is a portable breast pump with a rechargeable battery. 

For a busy mom, having a battery-powered machine with four hours of full charge means you’re not confined to one place for long periods of time. It’s a great option to have, especially when traveling for long periods.

The Spectra S2 is mains powered which is useful for the home and office space where you can plug in your adaptor. If you prefer the Spectra style of pump, the S2’s sister model is the Spectra S1, which is the portable version of the Spectra S2. Click here to read our comparison of the Spectra S2 vs Spectra S1 breast pump.

s2 vs s1

Breast Shield Size

The size of the breast shield makes a huge difference to the overall experience of using a breast pump.

If it is too small, it won’t cover the surface required for an effective letdown, and it could also be very uncomfortable. Too large, and the suction would struggle to mimic that of a baby, not to mention the overflow of breast milk filling around the edges, adding to the loss of suction. 

Choosing the right size will make a difference in the performance of the machine and prevent any injuries to your nipples.

The Hygeia Enjoye has a variety to choose from at 25mm, 28.5mm, 30.5 mm, whereas the Spectra S2 only has two options to give – 24mm and 28mm. 

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The weight of the breast pump is an important feature to consider, especially for first-time moms. Whether you are pumping at work or in the house, having a lightweight expressing machine makes all the difference. 

Lightweight pumps are easy to be transported from room to room or while on the go or while carrying your little one and multi-tasking. 

Both milk machines vary a little in weight. The Hygeia Enjoye is just 2.8 lbs, whereas the Spectra S2 is slightly heavier at 4 lbs.

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Vacuum Levels

This is a big deal. The last thing a mommy wants is to be strapped to a pump trying to get the suction going while the vacuum is failing to draw out the milk successfully.

The Hygeia Enjoye vacuum level is 250mmhg which is less powerful than the Spectra S2 at 320mmHg. 

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The price is a contributing factor in making a decision as to whether you want to make a slightly more expensive purchase or opt for a more affordable product.

The Hygeia comes in at a fair bit higher than the S2, but includes milk storage containers, milk bottles.

The Spectra is priced lower, and also comes with 2 bottles and all the parts you need. Spare parts are available through Spectra Baby USA and Amazon.

spectra s2
Spectra S2

Bonus Round

Now that we have compared what these machines have in common and where they differ on the same feature, there are still some perks they have to offer that make them stand out in their own right.

Hygeia Enjoye is more adaptable with other flanges from different brands. Another great thing we noticed is its simplicity in use. It has just two knobs which you can use to adjust at your pace for letdowns and milk productions.

Although the Hygeia Enjoye is more expensive, it does, however, offer more accessories than the Spectra S2.

The Spectra S2 having a slightly lower vacuum speed makes it a lot quieter, which is perfect for when the baby is asleep. Being slightly larger in style makes it feel a bit more robust to knocks and troughs.

Spectra – S2 Plus Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding

Which is Best?

The Hygeia Enjoye is a quicker, portable, and adaptable choice, but it does cost more. It’s also harder to find for purchase. It’s currently available through Hygeia and Ebay.

The Spectra S2 is an affordable option and is quieter, even though it does not offer as many accessories. It’s available to purchase from Amazon or Spectra Baby USA.

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Both machines have amazing qualities and features, and they compete with each other very well. Good luck!


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