Is Argan Oil Safe in Pregnancy?

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As moms, we can give the sacred gift of life, and I remember my pregnancy days as if they were yesterday. It was a life-changing 9 months that came with its beautiful moments but also with many hardships. One of the hardships that psychologically affect women during pregnancy is stretch marks. They appear as our bodies go through changes.

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Is Argan Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can use argan oil on your skin while pregnant, and it’s 100% risk-free. In many countries around the world, pregnant women drink and spread argan oil on their stretch marks to keep their skin healthy. So feel free to use argan oils daily without worrying about adverse side effects for you or your unborn child.

Is Argan Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Argan oil has been a godsend when treating stretch marks, keeping skin hydrated and helping with hair loss. In addition, this popular carrier oil is favored as a moisturizer that promotes skin elasticity. It comes from the seeds of the argan trees located in the country of Morocco. Unfortunately, argan oil is one of the most expensive carrier oils on the market.

Despite its scarcity, many women still love it for healthy skin and for keeping frizzy hair at bay. In this article, I will discuss why pregnant women can use argan oil safely and the pros and cons you should consider before making a purchase.

What is a Stretch Mark?

Stretch marks develop when your skin is extended past its limits. When this occurs, the collagen fibers and elastin in your body begin to rip. Then, your body’s defense system kicks in and attempts to fix the damage.

This defense system doesn’t do a flawless job so thick collagen fibers form that result in observable scars called stretch marks on your skin.

Symptoms of a Stretch Mark

The first sign to look out for when it comes to identifying stretch marks are pink skin blemishes. They may feel oily and prickly at times when starting to form.

As the stretch mark matures, it will go from pink to purple and then match the color of your own skin for the most part.

How Argan Oil Prevents and Reduces Stretch Marks

Is Argan Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

1. Promotes Skin Elasticity

Dermatologists with years of research under their belts recommend argan oil to prevent stretch marks from forming and to treat stretch marks when they do appear.

It achieves this because of the high level of essential fatty acids that help form a protective barrier around your skin. In addition, other ingredients like salicylic acid and linoleic acid make argan oil an excellent non-toxic skin moisturizer for moms-to-be.

It’s a known fact most pregnancy stretch marks fade with time. But the truth is you can expedite this process by moisturizing your skin daily to prevent permanent scars and dry skin.

2. Preserve Skin Health

You can expect other benefits when using argan oil that you may not know about. It defends the surface of your skin with a surplus of antioxidants, vitamin E, and anti-inflammatories. You would have to use many creams to get the same advantages if keeping the top of your skin protected is your goal.

Solid skin protection is vital for the reasons below:

  • Discourages destructive microorganisms from penetrating your skin and causing an infection. Coconut oil is a great alternative for this specific type of protection.
  • Lessens moisture loss that can lead to dry skin.
  • It gives the fatty acids needed by the cells in your body to promote cell development and upkeep.

Now you know why this defense is the key to healthy skin and makes it more invulnerable to stretch marks while healing them faster. Lastly, any scars you’ve already accumulated will be only slightly observable.

3. Protection from UV Rays

With argan oil on your skin, the polyphenols in this liquid function as a sunscreen to avert UV radiation. The vitamin e in this Moroccan oil alleviates your skin and helps you sidestep any inflammatory responses.

The source of these reactions comes from exposure to UV radiation that will weaken your skin, make you form unpleasant wrinkles and give you dark spots. Lastly, you can anticipate antioxidative benefits from argan oil also.

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    Disadvantages of Using Argan Oil While Pregnant

    1. Severe Skin Allergies in Pregnant Women

    Too much of anything can be detrimental to your skin’s health, no matter how good it is for you. If overused or misused, argan oil can cause allergies depending on your body’s immune system.

    A good example is if you decide your argan oil will be more powerful when combined with another non-toxic essential oil. This assumption is incorrect, and instead, you open yourself up to a possibly harsh skin allergy.

    2. Prevents Only Future Aging

    The function of antioxidants is to help slow down the aging process and reduce wrinkles. Unfortunately, there are no studies claiming they can remove wrinkles you already formed before using argan oil. I always recommend you verify any claims an argon oil company makes by doing extensive research before using it. Some brands will promise you the world and disappoint you with false advertising.

    How to Apply Argan Oil to Prevent Stretch Marks

    Argan oil should be applied to your stomach immediately in the early stages of your pregnancy. This daily habit will help you reduce stretch marks by making sure your belly is always moisturized during the entire pregnancy. Follow the simple instructions below to make sure you are applying it correctly.

    1. First, start by washing your skin with soap and warm water.
    1. Add 7 to 8 drops of argan oil to your hand. Rub both your hands to make sure each one has an equal amount.
    1. Start massaging the oil to your stomach in an upward motion. Focus on the areas you specifically want to target especially if you have a scar.
    1. Repeat steps one and two again to ensure your skin absorbs enough of the argan oil.

    Complete these steps twice a day in the mornings when you wake up and in the evenings before bed. If you are still pregnant, ensure that you rub softly to protect your unborn child. Remember that you can be generous with the oil since it is non-toxic and the health of your baby is not in jeopardy.

    Should I Use Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil?

    Before answering this question, it’s important to know the difference between argan and Moroccan oil. The Latin term for argan oil is argania spinosa. This oil is removed from the grains of the argan kernel and is considered the purest product the argan tree produces.

    Morrocan OIl

    On the other hand, Moroccan oil is mixed with argan oil and a plethora of other elements so it is not pure. Some of its other ingredients include Dimethicone, linseed extract, and salicylic acid. I consider them to be both effective but the scent of Moroccan oil is not ideal for an expecting mother. Avoid it at all costs while pregnant and stick with pure argan oil.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use argan oil on my hair while pregnant?

    Yes, you can use argan oil, and to get extra benefits, you can mix it with other oils that also have fatty acids. I recommend combining it with almond, coconut, and tree toil first to keep your skin healthy.

    Is argan oil safe for the body of a baby?

    Argan oil is all-natural and the oil is perfectly fine to use on your newborn child’s skin. Your baby will not cry or feel uncomfortable because it doesn’t make them itch like other creams.

    Can argan oil cross the placenta?

    If used correctly, argan oil will not be able to penetrate your placenta, but it can if you misuse it. Always ensure you know what you are doing and read the instructions on the bottle carefully.

    Can you drink argan oil?

    Yes, you can drink argan oil and you won’t have any digestive issues. If you choose to consume it, buy the culinary-grade version and not the one that’s only meant for treating stretch marks which has a different formula. 


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