Medela Freestyle Flex vs Spectra S2

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You have almost certainly come across Medela Freestyle Flex and Spectra S2 if you are searching online for a double breast milk pump. These are two of the best electric breast pumps on the market that you can buy.

Both Medela and Spectra have years of experience and dedication to breastfeeding moms. But in comparing the Medela Freestyle Flex vs Spectra S2, which is the better electric pump for you depending upon your unique needs? Let’s figure it out.

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Breaking it Down

We’ve combined our own experience, web-based research, and real-life experiences of breastfeeding moms in order to compile an in-depth comparison of the Spectra S2 vs Medela Freestyle Flex.

Read on to find out which electric pump will suit you better to feed your baby by maintaining your milk supply.

Spectra S2 vs Medela Freestyle Flex: Feature Comparison

Breast Pump Type and Suction Power

Spectra S2 is a hospital grade machine that can be used as a single or double breast pump. It comes with a maximum vacuum suction up to L12 or 270 mmHg. It means the electric pump has 12 different suction levels and you can choose the one that suits you the best to express milk. This breast milk pump can be used several times a day.

The Medela Freestyle Flex is portable double electric breast pump that’s specially designed for moms on the go. It comes with a 2-phase expression technology for maximum flow and efficient expression and offers a maximum vacuum suction level of 245 mmHg. It allows you to produce more milk in less time and you can also use it several times a day.

spectra s2

Weight and Portability

The Spectra S2 Plus weighs only 3.3 pounds making it a very lightweight breast pump that you can easily carry while traveling. However, it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery and you’ll need to plug this pump into a wall outlet to start pumping. The package comes with an AC adapter to power the pump

Medela Freestyle Flex on the other hand comes with a USB rechargeable battery that keeps you from going into the hassle of buying a battery pack again and again. It also allows you to use the pump while traveling.

Because of the additional battery and multiple bottles, it weighs 5.09 pounds making it heavier than Spectra S2. You also get a USB cable and power adapter with your package to charge the built-in battery.

Settings and Modes

Spectra offers the following three different modes in the S2 model:

  • Vacuum strength
  • Cycle speed
  • Massage or Expression mode

You can select these settings by using the available buttons. Spectra S2 also features an LCD screen that provides you with all the information about the selected settings. Other than that, it also offers a timer option and night light for convenience.

Medela Freestyle Flex comes with a modern design and offers a digital touchscreen LED display to select the desired setting. It also flaunts a night light and timer option. You can also connect it to the Medela Family App to automatically track your pumping sessions.

Just like other Medela pumps such as Medela Pump in Style, Freestyle Flex offers one touch letdown mode and 2-phase expression to customize your comfort.

Mom using a spectra s2 breast pump

Safety Features

Spectra S2 comes with a closed system to keep the milk from reaching the pump’s tubing. Not only does it make the pumping experience more hygienic but it also makes it easy to clean. This electric breast pump is also equipped with backflow protection to prevent the milk from reaching the pump motor.

Medela Freestyle Flex also comes with a closed system and overflow protection that eliminates the chances for milk backflow. It also allows you to use the pump in any position you want.

All the components of both breast pumps including flanges, breast shields, and tubing are made of BPA-free materials for enhanced safety. Both the companies offer replacement parts to purchase if you need and they are also BPA-free.

Ease of Cleaning

Spectra S2 not only offers hospital grade performance, but it’s also very easy to clean. It comes with built-in memory to store the preferred settings that you can select on the go. The fewer pump parts also make this breast pump super easy to clean and it also offers quieter operation than Medela Freestyle Flex.

Medela Freestyle Flex is also simple and easy to clean as you only need to separate three different parts that include the connector, membrane, and breast shield. You can use a dishwasher or hand wash all the parts except tubing for cleaning.  

Tip: It’s advisable to wash all the components after each pumping session.

What’s Included in Each Package?

Spectra S2 doesn’t come with a cooler bag and if you need one then you’ll need to buy Spectra S2 Plus Premier. You’ll get the following with your package:

  • Spectra S2 Electric Breast Pump
  • Two 24 mm flanges
  • Two 28 mm flanges
  • Two backflow protectors
  • One 12V AC adapter
  • Detachable power cord prongs
  • Spectra bottles
  • Spectra backflow protector
  • Tubing
  • Two wide-neck bottles
  • Spectra duckbill valve
  • Spectra tubing

On the other hand, Medela Freestyle Flex comes with a cooler bag and the package also includes much more accessories.

  • Medela breast pump with rechargeable battery
  • Two 21 mm breast shields
  • Two 24 mm breast shields
  • Two connector sets;
  • Four 150 ml bottles with lids
  • Two bottle stands
  • Tubing
  • Carry bag
  • Cooler with a cooling element
  • USB cable with power adapter


The price of Spectra S2 is significantly lower priced than the Medela, but it doesn’t come with a cooler bag. You can also buy Spectra S2 Plus Premier for 195 US dollars if you want a cooler bag and additional bottles.

On the other hand, Medela Freestyle Flex is typically twice the price of the Spectra S2, because of its additional components.

Final Words

Both Spectra S2 and Medela Freestyle Flex are both quality breast pumps. If you are looking for a breast pump that can be used regularly for increasing milk supply or exclusively pumping then the hospital grade Spectra S2 will be more suitable for your situation. However, if you travel a lot and are looking for a portable breast pump that can be used while you’re on the go, then Medela Freestyle Flex will suit you better.

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