Medela Pump In Style Vs S2 – Which Is a Better Breast Pump?

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Two of the biggest breast pump brands in the breastfeeding mom world – and you can’t decide which one to go with.

We can see why this would take a long time to decide. There are hundreds upon hundreds of breast pump brands claiming to be the next best thing. Sometimes it just boils down to sticking with main brands you are comfortable with – after you’ve stalked every review possible, of course!

We will be looking at the Spectra S2 vs medela to see what the hype really is and which one deserves to come home with you!

What the Medela and Spectra Have in Common

Being Double electric breast pump is the common feature with these breast pumps with a backflow protection system ensuring the breast milk does not reach anywhere but in the milk bottles being expressed.

Both breast pumps require you to buy the full kit rather than an individual piece if something has gone wrong,  which is costly.

About the Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump

The Medela is an all-in-one breast pump designed to be used at home and on the go.


It has a closed system, including 2 21mm and 24mm breast shields, tubing, battery pack, breast shield connectors with membranes, cooler bag, and a dual voltage 110-240V power supply adaptor.

The main feature is the two-phase expression technology designed to mimic the suction and breathing of a newborn baby.

Pros of Using A Medela Pump In Style

One of the most positive comments made by moms using the medela pump in style is the amount of milk they can produce in so little time.


It’s not complicated to use at all. It has two modes; a massage and a letdown mode. Cleaning and assembling parts are not very complicated because there are not many parts. 


Any pump that doesn’t require you to be latched to a wall outlet is a bonus for us, and it’s small, weighs only 1lb, and comes with a battery pack.

Breast Shield 

The flanges are soft and comfortable, especially when pumping throughout the day. 

Cons to Owning a Medela Pump in Style

While we love that this pump works well on producing a healthy supply of breastmilk, there are some concerns over the pump itself and the parts that come with it. Some Medela pumps are hospital-grade, so it is easy to assume that all of them are. It is important to note that this is not a hospital-grade pump but rather a hospital performance pump which is what they are saying is that this is a personal pump.


Any buildup of condensation and mold in the tubing is not included in the warranty. If you need to replace parts such as tubing, it would be from your own pocket, and you’d have to buy the entire accessory pack rather than an isolated item.

The cost of spare parts is extortionate, membranes cost $20, and the accessory pack cost around $50 approximately. 

No Visibility

Unlike other breast pumps, the Pump In Style comes with no display, making it hard to fathom the level and suction you are using, thus becoming a guessing game of pressing up and down to get the level that suits mom.


The flanges are short, and visibility is limited due to the rim around the shield that cups your nipples, so you cant see if milk is coming out or you have placed it properly. 


The higher the suction, the more work the Medela has to do, and it starts to vibrate and make more noise – you couldn’t get away with using it and having a phone conversation.

The pump is not as quiet as the Spectra but definitely quieter than their sister pumps, such as the PISA.

About the Spectra s2 Breast Pump

This is a hospital-grade breast pump that comes with a two-phase cycle of massage and let-down modes.


The pump comes with BPA-Free products that come into contact with breast milk. Spectra includes 2 flange sizes at 24 mm and 28 mm, tubing,  2 duckbill valves, 2 backflow protectors a 12-volt ac power adapter.

Pros. for Using the Spectra s2 

The Spectra S2 is a hospital-grade pump that is available on health insurance. Spectra has been known to be the brand that moms buy as a secondary pump, to which moms lament over why they did not choose it the first time. 

There are many reasons why you should have this breast pump in your life.


Straightaway we can tell you that the price of a Spectra s2 is significantly less than the Medela. The Medela is priced from $194.97 and can go up to $334.32, whereas the Spectra is priced at $158.99 on Amazon.


Unlike the Pump in Style, this breast pump has a digital display, and it can tell you what level and cycle you are on, keeping you up to date with how long you’ve been on the milk machine. It remembers your settings from the last setting used.                                                                                                                                   

Pumping at Night

This breast pump is super quiet, so you won’t wake the baby if you are pumping at night, and it comes with a clever night light to help you see what you are doing.


Despite having many levels of suction and power, Moms say it’s still gentle on the nipples even if it’s on the highest setting.

Cons for Using the Spectra s2 

Frustratingly as amazing and cheap as the Spectra S2 is, it is not portable at all. However, without a built-in battery, you would need to be plugged into the wall outlet to pump. 

Final Words

If you a looking for a breast pump that is fast yet quiet and is reasonably priced, then the Spectra s2 is the one for you. If it’s portability you want, then it’s the Medela.


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