Medela Swing vs Spectra S2

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If you’re a new mom, you’ll most probably be looking for an electric breast pump for breastfeeding your baby. We have selected two of the most popular pumps, Medela Swing and Spectra S2, that you can choose to provide your baby with a steady milk supply. Depending upon your insurance plan, you can also get any of these breast pumps for free. But which should you choose? We’re going to compare Medela Swing vs Spectra S2.

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Which is better? Spectra S2 vs Medela Swing

Medela Swing is a great option if you’re looking for something portable. But if you need a breast pump with highly customizable settings then Spectra S2 might be better. But which pump offers overall better performance? We believe the Spectra S2 takes the prize. Click here to learn more about the Spectra S2 at Amazon.

Medela Swing vs Spectra S2
Medela Swing vs Spectra S2

Breaking it Down

Both Medela Swing and Spectra S2 are high-quality breast pumps. We have compared all the features and functions of these pumps for your convenience. It’ll allow you to determine which breast pump will suit you better according to your unique needs.

Spectra S2 vs Medela Pump: Comparison

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Pump Type

If you are looking for a hospital grade pump then you should go with Spectra S2. It comes with a double electric breast pump but you can also use it as a single pump.

On the other hand, the Medela Swing only offers a single electric breast pump callability. You’ll need to go for Medela Swing Maxi for a double electric breast pump mechanism. It’s also important to note that Medela Swing isn’t a hospital grade pump as well.

Weight and Portability

The Spectra S2 breast pump is a lightweight product and weighs 3.3 pounds. You also need to plug this device in the wall before using it.

But Medela Swing takes things to the next level because it weighs only 2 pounds. You also get a battery pack of 4-AA cells which makes it one of the best breast pumps in terms of portability.

Safety Features

Spectra S2 transfers milk straight to the bottle from your breast, thanks to its closed system. Resultantly, it keeps the breast milk from going through the tubing. It makes the breast pump more hygienic and you won’t need to clean this breast pump between pumping sessions.

Spectra S2 also comes with backflow protection that prevents the breast milk from going into the motor

Unfortunately, Medela Swing comes with an open system, and you need to sterilize and clean the tubing thoroughly after each time you use the breast pump. It’s also important to run the pump motor for a few minutes to clear out the tubes after the pumping process.

You can try Medela Pump in Style as well that comes with a closed system for a better pumping experience.

The bottles, breast shields, flanges, and tubing of both breast pumps are made of BPA free plastic materials for your baby’s safety.


Spectra S2 offers three different settings that you can use.

  • Cycle speed
  • Vacuum strength
  • Massage mode/expression mode

This breast pump also comes with an LCD screen with a timer, night light, and push buttons to activate different settings.

On the other hand, Medela Swing features 2 phase expression technology and provides you with a one touch let down mode. You can also choose a maximum comfort vacuum setting if you want faster milk expression. Unfortunately, you don’t get an LCD screen, timer, or night light with Medela Swing and you’ll need to use available dials to select different settings.

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Suction Power

Spectra S2, being a hospital grade breast pump, offers the maximum suction power of 270 mmHg. You can also choose from 12 different suction levels so that you can select the most comfortable option to express breast milk.

Medela Swing isn’t a hospital grade pump and its maximum suction power is up to 250 mmHg. It’s also a bit louder than Spectra S2.

Accessories and Features Included

It’s one of the areas where Spectra S2 lacks as it doesn’t come with any cooler or a bag. You’ll need to buy Spectra S2 Plus Premier to get some extra bottles, a cooler, and a bag. The Spectra S2 package, however, comes with a couple of wide-neck bottles, one 12V AC adapter, tubing, two backflow protectors, two 28 mm flanges, two 24 mm flanges, and duckbill valves.

Medela Swing also doesn’t offer a cooler bag and if you need one then you can buy Medela Pump in Style. It comes with a cooler bag that can be used to keep an ice pack and four bottles. The accessories included in the Medela Swing package are a drawstring bag, AC adapter, neck/shoulder strap, bottle stand, tubing, valve, connector, 24 mm breast shield, two 5 oz lids, and bottles, and 2 membranes.

Ease of Use and Clean

Spectra S2 breast pump provides you with a hands free option for maximum convenience. It can also store your settings so that you won’t need to push different buttons each time you need to pump. It also has fewer pump parts that means it’s also easy to clean.

Medela Swing comes with one touch let-down button and different dials to select your preferred settings for faster milk flow. You’ll need to tweak it manually each time as it can’t store your settings. You’ll also need to sterilize its pump parts after each pumping session which makes the cleaning process a little difficult.


The Spectra S2 is slightly cheaper than the Medela Swing, but you will need to purchase a bag seperately. If you want to go with Spectra S2 Plus Premier that includes extra bottles, cooler, and bag, then you’ll need to pay a little more than the Medela.

The Medela Swing is usually a little more expensive than the Spectra S2. But you can may prefer to opt for the Medela Pump in Style that comes with additional bottles and a cooler bag by paying a little more.

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Spectra vs Medela: Pros and Cons

Pros: Spectra S2

  • Hospital grade breast pump
  • Comes with a closed system
  • Lower priced
  • Offers display screen
  • Quitter operation than Medela Swing
  • Offers both expression and massage mode
  • Comes with separate buttons for vacuum speed and suction

Cons: Spectra S2

  • Doesn’t offer a battery option
  • A bit heavier than Medela Swing

Pros: Medela Swing

  • Extremely portable
  • Comes with a battery pack
  • Flanges and breast shields are separable

Cons: Medela Swing

  • More costly than Spectra S2
  • No separate adjustment option for vacuum speeds and suction speeds
  • Doesn’t have a digital display


If you need to choose between Spectra S2 and Medela Swing then we recommend you go with the S2. It’s slightly cheaper, but is hospital grade and can be resold after use. If you are after a hospital grade pump with a rechargeable battery, it is worth looking at the Spectra S1, which is the battery version of the S2. However, if you just need a breast pump that’s easy to carry and can run on battery, then the Medela Swing breast pump is still a great breast pump and made by a reputable company.

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