Spectra s9 Plus vs Spectra S2 (Which One is Better?)

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Breast pumps are a great way to support breastfeeding, which is why they are becoming more popular. Breast pumps can be used to increase milk supply, for exclusive pumping and for continuing breastfeeding once you go back to work. In this article we are going to look at Spectra S9 vs S2 and compare the differences, features and uses to help your work out which one is better.

Two of Spectra’s most popular products in the market are the S2 and Spectra 9 plus.

They don’t just come in different sizes and weights, but also with different features.

If you ever find yourself torn between these two breast pumps, we’ve got you covered, because we’re about to break down spectra s2 vs s9 and look at each feature of both pumps so you can decide which one is really better for you.

Spectra is one of the most recognized manufacturers of breast pumps in the world. Their products range from hospital grade pumps to personal use pumps so you can rest assured when buying any of their products as quality is something they never fall short on.

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Spectra S2 vs S9 Comparison Table

ModelSpectra S2Spectra S9 Plus
My Rating:9/109/10
PriceCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amazon
StyleDouble electric breast pumpPortable Double electric breast pump
DisplayLCDLCD Screen
Vacuum Strength320mmHg300mmHg
Hospital GradeYesNo – “Hospital Performance”
Closed SystemYesYes
BatteryN/ARechargeable Li-ion
Battery LifeN/A3 hours
Bottles2 included2 included
MaterialBPA Free PlasticBPA Free Plastic
Breast Shields2x 24mm Breast Shields Included2x 24mm Breast Shields Included
Warranty2 Year Warranty on Pump, 90 Days on Accessories2 Year Warranty on Pump, 90 Days on Accessories
Buy NowCheck Price at AmazonCheck Price at Amazon

Spectra S2 plus

Spectra S2 plus is one of the most popular hospital grade double electric breast pumps on the market. It features massage mode plus 12 levels of strength. While it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, it’s sibling pump the Spectra S1 plus is essentially the same pump with an added rechargeable battery. The S2 can be used in single or double pump configuration and all of the accessories are replaceable. It is a hospital grade, closed system pump with backflow protection, LCD display and nightlight. It’s one of the best pumps for low milk supply.

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Spectra S9 Plus

Our Pick
Spectra - 9 Plus Portable Electric Breast Milk Pump for Baby Feeding

The Spectra 9 Plus combined portability for moms on the go and performance in one small and rechargeable design.

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02/18/2024 05:43 pm GMT

Spectra S9 is a lightweight and portable double electric pump. Its features are more weighted towards portability than the S2, and it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery with good battery life. It features letdown mode, easy adjustable strength and speed, LCD display and touch button controls. It is less adjustable than the S2, with suction strength decreasing with speed. Like the S2, it is a closed system pump with backflow protection. With all these amazing features, it’s one of the best breast pumps for working moms.

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Spectra Breast Pumps: S2 vs. S9 Plus: Which One is Better?

There are several differences you should know between these two pumps, and here are the main ones:

Weight And Size

Among all Spectra models, Spectra S9 is the most portable. It fits in your pocket, inside your palm, and has a tiny weight of 239 g, which makes it an ideal breast pump if you move a lot and can’t always pump in a comfortable setting.

The S2, on the other hand, is bulkier; it measures 20 x 20 x 18 cm and weighs a whopping 1 kg.

So, it’s better to have it placed on a desk while pumping and not to move around with it (you can, but it’ll cause too much of a hassle).

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Battery Power of Spectra S9 vs S2

The S2 comes with a wall adapter and power cord, but it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, which makes it less portable.

So it’s good enough if you don’t have to move or if you’re sitting at home or at work, but it’s not the best option if you need to move around the house a lot.

On the other hand, Spectra 9 Plus breast pump comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, the battery life is good for around 3 hours of pumping. That makes it the winner when it comes to portability, so it’s easy to carry with you if you’re traveling too! 

Vacuum Strength 

The suction strength of the S9 plus is less than that of the S2. So, if you don’t mind using low to medium suction levels, the Spectra 9 plus would be fine. Otherwise, go for Spectra S2.

Motor Capacity

Overall, the S2 has a stronger and more efficient motor. It will last for multiple pumping sessions a day.

While the S9 is still a great pump, it is better suited to shorter, less frequent pumping sessions.

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Adjustable Cycle Speed 

With Spectra S9 plus, it’s not possible to separately adjust the speed and suction. The speed decreases or increases according to the suction strength, so a higher suction automatically means a slower cycle speed.

With the S2 breast pump, however, you can adjust the speed regardless of what vacuum strength you’re at.

This means that you can use high vacuum strength and high cycle speed and at the same time.


There are 10 different levels for expression mode and 5 levels for massage mode in Spectra 9 plus.

On the other hand, the S2 has 12 different levels for expression mode, 5 levels for massage mode, and 5 cycle speeds.

Night Light

You might find this thing a minor detail, but it certainly makes a difference if you need to use it at night or in the dark, or even if you want to turn off the built-in light or adjust it.

The Spectra s9 Plus comes with a built-in night light that always stays on and can never be adjusted (some even find it too bright), whereas the S2 has a nightlight with two levels of brightness that can be turned off completely.


A Spectra pump is designed with the mother and child in mind. Both are pretty quiet and peaceful pumping devices, but if we’re going to compare these two, the S2 is less noisy than Spectra 9 plus.

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Pumps Parts

Like all Spectra pumps, the s9 and s2 both have fully replaceable pump parts. This is a handy feature because it means that if anything gets damaged or used it is easily replaceable.

spectra s2
spectra s2

Why Choose The Spectra S2 Over The Spectra S1?

Although this article isn’t about comparing spectra S1 plus to the S2 plus, it’s worth mentioning some of their differences so you can clear that confusion in your head before it arises.

The S1 and S2 are both great pumps loved and used by thousands of moms worldwide!

The Spectra S1 is designed for mothers on the go as it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and the device is smaller making it the perfect portable breast pump.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/18/2024 03:06 am GMT

The S2 breast pump on the other hand is slightly cheaper but still comes with amazing unique features that thousands of moms rave about all around the world.

Neither is better than the other, it simply comes down to your preferences.

s2 vs s1

Is Spectra 9 a Hospital Grade Pump?

A hospital-grade breast pump can help mothers from all around the world to get back into their routine quickly and easily. It is capable of producing high suction levels while maintaining optimal comfort for each individual mother and her nursling.
The S9 plus is not a hospital grade pump and this just comes down to suction strength, motor strength and capacity. However, this does not mean you need a hospital grade pump! The S9 is absolutely capable to improving milk supply for any mum who needs a portable pump.

Why is a Breast Pump Useful? 

More Freedom

They allow you to feed your child at any time, having one will save you some extra time to enjoy on your own or with your partner. It also makes working moms more satisfied with giving their babies the nutrition they need.

Increases Milk Production

Breastfeeding and pumping together may well increase the amount of milk you produce. After nursing, you may not feel like your breasts are completely empty. Using a pump like the Spectra products after that stimulates the breasts to produce more (even if just a little bit), which lets your baby finish their food. 

Allows You to Take Medications

Some medications aren’t allowed if you’re breastfeeding, but if you really have to take them, you can pump and store your milk before that.

Overcoming Health Issues

Breast pumps make it possible for you to feed your baby if they’re premature to breastfeed or sick.

Easier to Feed your Baby

Besides the ability to produce and maintain milk at any time, a breast pump makes your life much easier if you have inverted or flat nipples (which can cause latching issues). A pump should soften the nipples, leading to easier latching.

Donate Milk

Some babies get their milk from moms who donate milk rather than from their biological moms. It’s common for mothers who can’t supply enough milk to get it from a milk bank. Also, adopted babies get donor milk, too, if their adoptive moms can’t feed them.

spectra s2 nightlight
spectra s2 nightlight

Which One is Better?

When deciding which one is better for you, the answer will always be “it depends on your lifestyle!”

If you move around frequently, want more gentle suction, and don’t mind getting less milk, go for the Spectra 9 plus. But if you prefer more strength, more milk, and you don’t mind sitting for a while, the S2 is going to be the better option for you.

So, Spectra 9+ or Spectra S2?

Now that you know everything about the two types, we’re sure you can weigh out your options, decide which spectra breast pump is better for you, and eventually make the right choice.

No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that spectra pumps are some of the best on the market. We’ve got a full review on the Spectra S2 which you can read here.

And always remember: your health and your baby’s health always come first! 

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