Complete Spectra S9 Review: Everything you need to know

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If you’re trying to increase milk supply or build a milk stash for your newborn baby, you are likely trying to figure out which is the best breast pump. There are so many choices, from electric to manual, and portable or wearable.

In this Spectra S9 review we are going to look at all the top features which make this breast pump one of the top portable breast pumps on the market.

Most moms can’t stay at home all the time to express milk for their little ones. Whether you’re planning to go on a trip or want to nurse or express for your baby at work, you’ll need a portable breast pump to be able to express milk while you are out and about.

Spectra S9 Plus is one of the best and most portable electric breast pumps out there on the market that you can buy. You can easily put this pump in your purse which allows you to pump on the go conveniently.

In this Spectra 9 plus portable review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this product. It’ll allow you to make sure whether it’s the right portable breast pump for you or not.

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Spectra S9 Review: Overview and Key Features

Spectra S9 is one of the lightest breast pumps out there that weighs only 0.5 pounds. It comes with both single and double electric breast pump functionality. It’s an ideal option for those moms who need to move around frequently.

According to the official Spectra Baby website, this breast pump costs $180 US dollars, but you might be able to find a better deal on amazon.

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Spectra 9Plus Portable & Rechargeable Single or Double Electric Breast Pump

Size and Weight

Spectra S9 is the most compact and lightest electric breast pump that the company has to offer. As mentioned, it weighs only 0.5 pounds and you can easily keep it in your purse. It makes Spectra S9 a perfect companion for milk collection while traveling.

best electric breast pumps for low milk supply

Suction Power

Spectra is known to offer breast pumps with genital suction and S9 plus is no exception even when operated in the maximum power. Its expression mode imitates the way your baby suckles and it vibrates slowly.

It’s important to bear in mind that Spectra S9 is specially designed for portability. It means you should not expect it to perform heavy-duty pumping. If you need to pump frequently within a single day then we recommend you choose hospital grade products such as Spectra S1 or Spectra S2.

It offers gentle yet strong suction power which is up to 260 mmHg and it’s not a hospital grade breast pump.

Pump System

Just like any other breast pump that Spectra offers, Spectra S9 Plus also comes with a closed system and backflow protectors. Not only does it keep the milk from reaching the pump motor and tubing, but it also makes the product hygienic.


Spectra S9 Plus breast pump offers a most comfortable and relaxing pumping experience. It comes with 5 different massage options and 10 adjustable expression mode suction levels. However, there are some limitations that you need to keep in mind.

For example, Spectra S9 doesn’t provide you with full control of speed and suction. You can only choose the desired suction level and the breast pump will automatically select the speed accordingly. In simple words, if you select the high suction level, the speed will automatically drop and vice versa.

Many other renowned breast pumps such as Medela Freestyle also work the same and if you’re used to this setting, then it won’t be a problem for you. But if you want to use a combination of high suction along with high speed for better milk supply then Spectra 9 breast pump won’t suit you the best.

spectra s2 vs s9 plus

Single and Double Electric Breast Pump

Spectra S9 allows you to use it as both a single and double electric breast pump despite its compact design. The best part is that you won’t need to go into the hassle of changing the tubing.

All you need to do is to use the dedicated T-connector to switch between these modes and unplug the other tubing if you want to use it as a single electric breast pump.

Letdown Mode

The S9 allows you to promote your milk supply as it comes with a letdown mode. You can activate it by using the available button and the breast pump will mimic the suction style of your baby.

Built in Rechargeable Battery

This portable breast pump is equipped with a built in rechargeable battery. If the battery is fully charged, then a single pumping session will last for about an hour. It’s important to remove the charger from the outlet before starting your pumping session.


Spectra S9 flaunts an LCD display that comes with a backlight making it a great option to use at night. The display shows all the information regarding your selected settings such as timer, mode, vacuum level, and battery life.

Noise Level

Spectra is known for offering ultra-quiet electric breast pumps. The same is the case with Spectra S9 that makes less noise than many popular breast pumps such as Medela Freestyle. However, it’s a bit louder than Spectra S1.

Auto Shut Off Feature

Spectra S9 comes with an auto shut-off functionality which is very useful for busy moms as it enables multitasking. The breast pump automatically turns off after 30 minutes.


All the plastic materials used to make Spectra S9 are DEHP and BPA free making it a healthy and safe option for your baby.

What Included in the Package?

You’ll get the following with your Spectra S9 package.

  • Two duckbill valves
  • Two tubing
  • Two 24 mm Breast Flanges
  • Two backflow protectors
  • Two wide neck storage bottles with discs, caps, nipples, and lids
  • One 9-volt AC power adapter


Spectra offers 2 years of limited warranty for all its breast pumps including Spectra S9. You’ll also get 90 days of warranty for all the accessories.


  • Light-weight, compact, and extremely portable
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with two different modes (expression and massage)
  • Auto shut-off timer option
  • Offers both single and double pumping functionality
  • Easy to use


  • Not a hospital grade breast pump
  • Doesn’t offer speed adjustment
  • Suction isn’t super strong unlike many other Spectra breast pumps
  • Doesn’t offer breast shields with multiple sizes out of the box
Spectra 9Plus Portable & Rechargeable Single or Double Electric Breast Pump

Final Words

The Spectra S9 is one of the best portable electric breast pumps out there to maintain your milk supply. If you want a quiet, comfortable, and easy-to-carry breast pump then this product can be your best choice.

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