Spectra Synergy Gold Vs Spectra S1

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If you have been considering buying a pump, chances are you have considered the Spectra range. They are top of the line breast pumps that have rave reviews everywhere. But you are looking for the perfect breast pump to express milk, be it to build your stash or your supply. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the differences between Spectra Synergy Gold Vs Spectra S1.

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The Spectra S1 is widely known as one of the best breast pumps on the market. It’s a completely portable, hospital grade breast pump. However, the new kid on the block is the Spectra Synergy Gold. It’s also a hospital grade pump, but it doesn’t feature the portability of the S1. It does, however, have some nifty features that you may find useful.

What’s so great about these pumps? They’re great for breastfeeding mamas that require a double electric breast pump to help speed up expressing breast milk. They’re both ideal for increasing milk supply, or exclusive pumping. More importantly, these Spectra pumps both have a closed system that prevents the backflow of milk from entering the motor, which is both hygienic and will protect your motor from mistakes.

If you are looking for a high and dual-powered super-quiet breast pump, then look no further! We will be comparing the Synergy Gold and the S1 by looking at features like power and suction, noise level, battery life, and portability.

Spectra Synergy Gold Vs Spectra S1: What are the differences?

Both of these Spectra pumps come equipped with the usual accessories  – two pairs of flanges measuring 24 mm and 28 mm, duckbill valves and wide neck bottles, discs, locking rings and caps, power cord, and AC adapter. 

Both pumps also come with a 2-year warranty which is a great perk to have. 

Spectra S1 vs Spectra Synergy Gold
Spectra Synergy Gold

Motor Strength

The Motor is the biggest point of difference between the Synergy Gold and S1. The S1 is a double electric breast pump with a single motor that powers a double electric pump, while the Spectra Synergy Gold has two motors that work independently, enabling you to express each breast at a different pace and strength. The fabulous thing about this feature is being able to comfortable express your lower supply breast at the same time as the other. This will help you to save time and help to increase milk production.

The first thing moms want to know is how powerful the pump is. Will it help me express more milk? You will be pleased to know that both pumps have a suction strength of 270 mmHg and two mode settings, both massage mode and expressing mode.  

The industry standard for suction strength ranges from 250 to 300 mmHg, where the latter is the highest. It is essential to gauge how much power and suction comes from the pumps to determine their noise level. After all, the more suction, the more sound.

Noise Level

Both the Spectra Synergy Gold and the S1 are extra quiet. Determining how noisy a pump can be is essential for moms who like to pump at work or in the middle of the night while the entire household is asleep. 

The Synergy Gold has a mute function, which is handy if you are trying to keep it quiet, or need to answer the phone mid pumping!

As mentioned before, the suction strength of 270 mmHg is a contributing factor to this.

s2 vs s1

Night Light

The night light is also a great touch when pumping in the middle of the night and trying to keep the noise levels down simultaneously. Not all pumps are quiet or come with a helpful night light, but these spectra pumps do – that’s another tick in our book!

Spectra Synergy Gold Night Light


The saddest thing in the world is a dying battery – especially when you haven’t had the chance to charge your pump, and you are out and about!

The S1 has a rechargeable battery and can be charged and used at an outlet. On a full charge, you could get at least 2 hours’ worth of battery life which is enough to have at least eight sessions with both sides without having to plug in the ac adapter. The battery life enables this breast pump to be completely portable and rechargeable.

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Unfortunately, the Spectra Synergy Gold doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, which means you are tethered to an outlet for the duration of your pumping sessions. This makes the pump less portable.


Gone were the days when you could leave the house with just your handbag. Now, you need the stroller, baby bag, and the baby too!

It’s the contents of the baby bag that make a difference – especially if you are breastfeeding and breast pumping.  Light and portable breast pumps make a big difference to a mom who takes everything but the kitchen sink when she is out and about.

The Spectra S1 weighs just 2.9 lbs and is 8 inches tall with an easy carry handle. It is small enough to fit into a baby bag. However, the Synergy Gold weighs 4.2 lbs, is 7 inches tall but is not really portable unless you are going to a friend’s house or in a place with an outlet.

best electric breast pumps for low milk supply

Which is Better?

Before now, breast pumps, particularly hospital-grade pumps, were designed to be a one-size-fits-all for adjusting letdown and expression modes. If you increased the suction, both breasts would be pumping at the same level, and almost all pumps were dependent on an AC power adapter. Not any more. 

The S1 is excellent as it is portable and powerful and great for moms on the go. Some moms may find that 2 hours of charge is plenty of time.

However, the Synergy Gold breast pump has a fantastic feature that breastfeeding and pumping moms cannot ignore: the ability to express each breast at different suction strengths. It isn’t portable, but finding an outlet and a bit of privacy should not be a problem if you are a working mom in an office.

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Although it is great that you can pump at different levels independently, the Spectra Synergy Gold does not give you the option to select a ‘massage mode’ independently for each side. It makes the pump a little counterproductive for breastfeeding moms who may have a slightly slacker breast and require more massage to stimulate milk production. It does offer 5 levels of massage mode though, which gives you more options for stimulating letdown. By comparison, the S1 only has one massage mode.

Nevertheless, By staying attuned to the needs of each breast, low milk supply will soon be a thing of the past as the pump will help increase your supply quickly. 

The S1 is the apparent winner for the mom on the go.  However, we love that the Spectra Synergy Gold can pump each breast separately at a pace that suits you best.

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